Villa Homes llc Final 72
Villa Homes llc Final 72
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Anderson Valley Coweta

Anderson Valley unplatted, Coweta, 4 acre tracts. 305th E. Ave & 101st St. Horses and metal buildings allowed.

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Anderson Valley

Villa Homes LLC specializes in building homes and outbuildings on large lots and acreages.
In addition to the building sites we offer, we will build on your lot or acreage.

Building on large lots requires a different perspective than building on a typical “city lot”.
An owner’s future use of land or intended improvements such as a pool, shop, or barn, are critical aspects to consider when building your home.

Villa Homes LLC works with you in the early planning stages to help you consider the “big picture”, ensuring adequate current & future utility requirements, proper elevations for storm water drainage, and best placement of your home and current/future improvements.

Villa Homes LLC is a custom home building company without the custom charges. We can start with any of our plans and make the changes you want, or start with parts of several plans that you like and create a plan for you, or even start from scratch and create a plan for you.
We don’t charge for the plans if we build the house, we feel it just adds to the options we have to offer our next client. So far, we haven’t built the exact same house twice!

Villa Homes LLC is a turnkey building company. We accept responsibility from start to finish, obtaining all permits, utility connections, providing construction insurance, and ongoing clean up during construction. We give you a total cost and a detailed list of included features before you sign a contract, so there’s no surprises or “cost overruns”, unless you add something that wasn’t included in the contract.

“We take the hassle out of home building”!